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2018 18th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum

Edit: ChengMingRelease time: 2018-Mar-22

Reason 1 (Exhibition Description):

Since the first Shanghai Motor Show (MOTOR CHINA) was held in 2001, the motor show has been in the 17th year. Every year, motor industry professionals from all over the world gather in Shanghai to collect the latest information on the market and products, seek partners and actively. Participate in industry forum lectures.

Reason 2 (Exhibition Outlook):

In order to expand the influence of the exhibition and the scale of the exhibition, the 1818 China International Motor Expo and Development Forum (MOTOR CHINA 2018) will continue to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, which will be scheduled for June 13-15, 2018. In June 2018, we will invite professionals from all walks of life to participate in the 18th Shanghai Motor Show (MOTOR CHINA). We hope that through the establishment of the Shanghai Motor Show, we can promote the development and development of the motor industry market and promote motor companies and supply companies. Cooperation with supporting products companies win-win.

Reason 3 (Exhibition Outlook):

In order to improve the development level of the motor industry, build an industry communication platform, promote sustainable and healthy development, realize the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and better play the role of the government, and guide the innovation to further enhance the independent research and development capabilities and international status of China's motor industry. To promote the coordinated development of the upper, middle and lower reaches of China's motor industry.

Reason 4 (previous situation):

More than 100 professional media promoted the whole process, and convened nearly 1,000 companies including many well-known brands in the industry, including more than 30,000 professional visitors. It was a successful and successful gathering of the motor industry. Many seminars were held successfully during the exhibition. .

Reason 5 (Exhibition Description):

"China International Motor Expo" (referred to as: MOTOR CHINA) - the exhibition of the motor exhibition, the purpose is to continue to serve the motor industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Reason 6 (Exhibition Description):

Make full use of the professional exhibition and trade exhibition "two exhibitions in one", exhibitions, order fairs, seminars, "three meetings in one", manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, service providers, "four businesses gather together" model, with market The model exhibition of the international motor industry with specificity, technical professionalism, effective performance, user group and activity characteristics has truly become the market promotion of the motor industry, display new products, exchange new technologies, release new information, and explore new business opportunities. Activity platform.

Reason 7 (Exhibition Outlook):

Welcome to participate in this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will go all out to do the work of professional audience and buyer organization, and strive to bring you value-added services and exhibition effects. ! The exhibition focuses on the current status and development direction of the domestic and international motor industry.