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Improve fatigue measures of hardened gear reducer

Edit: ChengMingRelease time: 2019-Feb-23

       The reason for the fatigue damage of the gear reducer is due to the quality problem (Emerson) in the manufacturing process of the reducer (the second); the second is the wrong selection of the process equipment (shèbèi), the thermal power ( Refers to the amount of work done by the object in a unit of time. It does not meet the requirements of the production process. As a result, the load is large during the actual operation, and the hidden defects are gradually exposed, resulting in the final gear contact fatigue. Damage, rack fracture and fracture, equipment is scrapped. Therefore, the selection of hardened gear reducers must be cautious.

Improve the fatigue of the hardened gear reducer (Retarder) (pointer to solution)

  (1) In consultation with the manufacturer, the material of the gear shaft is changed from 20CrMnTi to 20CrMnMo to improve its comprehensive mechanical properties and increase the life.

  (2)Adjust the amount of reduction, reduce the load to prevent low-temperature rolling, so as to ensure that the reduction power (Retarder) thermal power (refers to the amount of work done by the object in a unit of time) is not reduced due to excessive rolling force (descend) ).

  (3)Improve the environmental conditions of the reducer (Retarder), take forced air, and reduce the oil temperature of the reducer. Planetary gear reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The ordinary reducer of the motor also has several pairs of identical gears to achieve the desired deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio. With the continuous development of the reducer industry, more and more enterprises have applied the reducer.

  (4)Careful maintenance of operation control, strengthen inspection, ensure lubrication and cooling, and replace the medium in time to ensure oil quality. In order to achieve a particularly low output speed, the hardened gear reducer can be realized by means of two gear reducers. When using this transmission scheme, the power of the configurable motor must depend on the ultimate output torque of the reducer, and the output torque of the reducer cannot be calculated from the motor power. The efficiency of the hardened gear reducer drive is the most efficient of all drives, and its efficiency is much higher than that of the worm drive. The efficiency of the gear reducer is mainly determined by the friction of the gear and the bearing.

  (5)It is planned to increase the fuel circulation facility; the deep well pump replaces the small-capacity oil pool with the flowing oil to further reduce the cooling and fuel injection. It also improves lubrication and improves contact.